» Configuration

Warning! This feature is experimental and may break or change in between releases. Use at your own risk. It currently is not officially supported or functional.

This feature currently reqiures the experimental flag to be used. To explicitly enable this feature, you can set the experimental flag to:


Please note that VAGRANT_EXPERIMENTAL is an environment variable. For more information about this flag visit the Experimental docs page for more info. Without this flag enabled, triggers with the :type option will be ignored.

Vagrant Disks has several options that allow users to define and attach disks to guests.

» Disk Options

  • name (string) - Optional argument to give the disk a name
  • type (symbol) - The type of disk to manage. This option defaults to :disk. Please read the provider specific documentation for supported types.
  • file (string) - Optional argument that defines a path on disk pointing to the location of a disk file.
  • primary (boolean) - Optional argument that configures a given disk to be the "primary" disk to manage on the guest. There can only be one primary disk per guest.
  • provider_config (hash) - Additional provider specific options for managing a given disk.

    Generally, the disk option accepts two kinds of ways to define a provider config:

    Note: More specific examples of these can be found under the provider specific disk page. The provider_config option will depend on the provider you are using. Please read the provider specific documentation for disk management to learn about what options are available to use.

» Disk Types

The disk config currently accepts three kinds of disk types:

You can set a disk type with the first argument of a disk config in your Vagrantfile:

config.vm.disk :disk, name: "backup", size: "10GB"
config.vm.disk :floppy, name: "cool_files"

» Provider Author Guide

If you are a vagrant plugin author who maintains a provider for Vagrant, this short guide will hopefully give some information on how to use the internal disk config object.

Warning! This guide is still being written as we develop this new feature for Vagrant. Some points below are what we plan on covering once this feature is more fully developed in Vagrant.
  • Entry level builtin action disk and how to use it as a provider author
  • id is unique to each disk config object
  • provider_config and how to its structured and how to use/validate it

More information should be coming once the disk feature is more functional.