»Common Issues and Troubleshooting

This page lists some common issues people run into with Vagrant and VMWare as well as solutions for those issues.

»Are my disks attached?

A handy way to figure out what disks are attached (or not attached) to your guest is to open up the VMWare GUI and open up the guest settings and selecting the disks options.

»How many disks can I attach?

Vagrant will attempt to attach all disks specified in the Vagrantfile. If more than four ide type disks are specified, only the first four will be attached.

»Applying Vagrant disk configuration changes to guests

Due to how VMware works, you must reload your guest for any disk config changes to be applied. So if you update your Vagrantfile to update or even remove disks, make sure to vagrant reload your guests for these changes to be applied. Also note, that Vagrant will not decrease the size of a disk.

»Disk functionality with snapshots

If snapshots exist for a VM, disk functionality will be limited. Vagrant will return an error for any actions that are limited due to the existence of snapshots. In order to restore functionality the snapshots must be removed. This can be done using the vagrant snapshot delete command. To delete all snapshots for a VMWare backed VM try vagrant cap provider delete_all_snapshots --target <target vm name>. Note once a snapshot is deleted, it can not be restored.