»Experimental Feature Flag

Some features that aren't ready for release can be enabled through this feature flag. There are a couple of different ways of going about enabling these features. It is also worth noting that Vagrant will not validate the existence of a feature flag.

For example if you are on Linux or Mac, and you wish to enable every single experimental feature, you can set the flag to "on" by setting it to 1:


You can also enable some or many features if there are specific ones you would like, but don't want every single feature enabled:

# Only enables feature_one
export VAGRANT_EXPERIMENTAL="feature_one"
# Enables both feature_one and feature_two
export VAGRANT_EXPERIMENTAL="feature_one,feature_two"

»Valid experimental features

This is a list of all the valid experimental features that Vagrant recognizes:


Enabling this feature allows triggers to recognize and execute :type triggers. More information about how these should be used can be found on the trigger documentation page


Enabling this feature will allow Vagrant to manage and configure virtual hard disks for certain providers. More information about supported providers and how to configure disks can be found on the disk documentation page


Enabling this feature allows all provisioners to specify before and after options. These options allow provisioners to be configured to run before or after any given "root" provisioner. more information about these options can be found on the base provisioner documentation page