» Limitations

The Vagrant Hyper-V provider works in almost every way like the VirtualBox or VMware provider would, but has some limitations that are inherent to Hyper-V itself.

» Limited Networking

Vagrant does not yet know how to create and configure new networks for Hyper-V. When launching a machine with Hyper-V, Vagrant will prompt you asking what virtual switch you want to connect the virtual machine to.

A result of this is that networking configurations in the Vagrantfile are completely ignored with Hyper-V. Vagrant cannot enforce a static IP or automatically configure a NAT.

However, the IP address of the machine will be reported as part of the vagrant up, and you can use that IP address as if it were a host only network.

» Snapshots

Restoring snapshot VMs using vagrant snapshot pop or vagrant snapshot restore will sometimes raise errors when mounting SMB shared folders, however these mounts will still work inside the guest.