»Frequently Asked Questions

»Q: Can Vagrant VMware Plugin work without internet?

No, Vagrant VMware plugin requires a new license every 6 weeks. Vagrant will try to renew the license automatically. If you are on an environment without internet, after 4 weeks Vagrant will emit a warning, and after 6 weeks, the VMware plugin will stop working. You can install a new license to reactive vagrant.

»Q: I purchased a Vagrant VMware plugin license, but I did not receive an email?

First, please check your JUNK or SPAM folders. Since the license comes from an automated system, it might have been flagged as spam by your email provider. If you do not see the email there, please [contact support](mailto:support@hashicorp.com?subject=License Not Received) and include the original order number.

»Q: Do I need to keep the Vagrant VMware plugin license file on disk?

After you have installed the Vagrant VMware plugin license, it is safe to remove your copy from disk. Vagrant copies the license into its structure for reference on boot.

»Q: Do I need to purchase a separate license for VMware Fusion/Workstation

Yes. The Vagrant VMware desktop plugin license is only valid the for the Vagrant plugin and cannot be used to license the VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation application.

»Q: I lost my original email, where can I download my Vagrant VMware plugin license again?

Please [contact support](mailto:support@hashicorp.com?subject=Lost My License&body=Hello support! I seem to have misplaced my Vagrant VMware license. Could you please send it to me? Thanks!). Note: please contact support using the email address with which you made the original purchase. If you use an alternate email, you will be asked to verify that you are the owner of the requested license.

»Q: I upgraded my VMware product and now my license is invalid?

The Vagrant VMware plugin licenses are valid for specific VMware product versions at the time of purchase. When new versions of VMware products are released, significant changes to the plugin code are often required to support this new version. For this reason, you may need to upgrade your current license to work with the new version of the VMware product. Customers can check their license upgrade eligibility by visiting the License Upgrade Center and entering the email address with which they made the original purchase.

Your existing license will continue to work with all previous versions of the VMware products. If you do not wish to update at this time, you can rollback your VMware installation to an older version.

»Q: How do I upgrade my currently installed Vagrant VMware plugin?

You can update the Vagrant VMware plugin to the latest version by re-running the install command:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-desktop

To upgrade the Vagrant VMware utility, download the latest version from the Vagrant VMware utility downloads page and install the system package to your local system.