»Contributing to Vagrant During Hacktoberfest

HashiCorp has some community guidelines to ensure our public forums are a safe space for everyone. When contributing to Vagrant, please respect the same guidelines.

»Getting started with contributions

There are plenty of things to work on in Vagrant, not limited to writing software. This includes:

  • Fixing documentation for accuracy
  • Fixing documentation for grammar and punctuation
  • Finding bugs and submitting detailed issues
  • Fixing or adding plugins
  • Squashing bugs!

When looking through the Vagrant issue tracker for a good first issue, it may be useful to filter by tags. For example, the needs-community-help, needs-repro, or good-first-issue tags.

Once you have found a good issue, you might want to get a development installation working. Follow the instructions for installing from source in order to setup a development environment.

»Submitting your first pull request

Check out the Vagrant contribution guide for instructions on what can be expected for the pull request lifecycle.

When submitting your changes, please ensure you have done the following:

  • You have written tests for the changes made
  • You have run the test suite using bundle exec rake and all tests pass
  • You have written a descriptive commit message
  • Reference the issue the pull requests resolves if applicable