»Create a New Box Version

To release a new version of a box to the public or to your team:

  1. Click on the name of the box you want to release a new version for.

  2. To the right of the box name, there is a dropdown of all the available versions. Click this, and click "Create a New Version"

  3. Enter details for your new version and click "Create Version." Note that after clicking create version, the version is not yet released.

  4. Click "Create new provider" on this next page to add at least one provider to the version. Specify the name of the provider (this is the same value you specify to --provider when using Vagrant). Then enter the URL to a self-hosted box file or upload a box to us.

  5. Once the provider is created, you now have the option to release the version by clicking "Release now," or you can add more providers.

Once you click "Release now," that version will be available for installation with Vagrant. Before clicking this, Vagrant does not know the version even exists.

»Note About Public Boxes

Be aware, when you create and upload a new version artifact on a public box in Vagrant Cloud, even if that specific version has not been marked for "release", it can be accessible if a user knows the box URL with the new version. Releasing a box simply makes it publicly accessible through search, or through reference using the organization/box-name syntax.