»Contacting Support

All users of Vagrant Cloud are urged to email feedback, questions, and requests to HashiCorp Support at support+vagrantcloud@hashicorp.com.

»Free Support

We do not currently publish support SLAs for free accounts, but endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. We respond to most requests within less than 24 hours.

»HashiCorp Tools Support

It's often the case that Vagrant Cloud questions or feedback relates to the HashiCorp tooling. We encourage all Vagrant Cloud users to search for related issues and problems in the open source repositories and mailing lists prior to contacting us to help make our support more efficient and to help resolve problems faster.

Visit the updating tools section for a list of our tools and their project websites.

»Documentation Feedback

Due to the dynamic nature of Vagrant Cloud and the broad set of features it provides, there may be information lacking in the documentation.

Vagrant Cloud documentation is open source. If you'd like to improve or correct the documentation, please submit a pull-request to the Vagrant project on GitHub. The Vagrant Cloud documentation can be found in the /website/pages/vagrant-cloud/ directory.

Otherwise, to make a suggestion or report an error in documentation, please email feedback to support+vagrantcloud@hashicorp.com.